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a Keith Sciulli enterprise


 Take everything you know about business and nudge it. Push it. Simplify it. Modernize it. Liberate it. Inject it with life. Give it a point of view and empower it's value.

DHV Demonstrable Higher Value

Your company has good product and good business.

It can be better  

You are close and you know it.

It takes a nudge to bring it to the top, to break through the status quo

Barriers are made to be broken.

"I had a client tell me
GO GET ME SOME BUSINESS! within 90 Days he signed a large multi-year contract with
WebMD that was scalable and extensible."  Keith Sciulli Founder of Xaox

At some point everything connects. Xaox is that point of convergence.
Xaox provides high impact business development. We "get through" to leaders and decision makers.
Xaox is an exclusive provider of reseller resources. Using a winning combination of our expert business analysis with our proven methodologies we bring enterprises to the next level of success. Our expertise can take your business farther and faster than you ever thought possible.
Xaox was founded on the principle of “breaking though barriers”. We provide support for launching products or solutions to market, by delivering innovation in terms of style, function, and efficacy.
Xaox has worked with many organizations to bring new concepts and technology to commercial reality. We carefully select our business partners, those that offer innovative programs in emerging markets and we provide focused deliverables to dramatically improve success.               

 The Next Big Thing.
Breaking New Ground.

Let us initiate a new evolution now.
XAOX INTRODUCES the Next corporate C-LEVEL,  the CNO, Chief Networking Officer
Xaox is privileged to sponsor Thought Leaders, a group of distinguished people who have earned the respect of their peers within their fields, and who posses a keen interest in the science and art of relationship networking. The group is exploring points of intersection among the many disciplines that can benefit from the formal application of networking, and is especially focused on the growing role of networking in a business world that is becoming more and more automated. The group recognizes that the need for relationship networking skills will grow in direct proportion to the use of technology. In automated commerce, for example, strong personal ties will be significant differentiators. In commoditized clusters with all things being equal (price, quality, delivery, availability, brand), the decision to buy or sell will be influenced by who we know, and by how well we know them.

XAOX pioneers the new frontiers of applying the concepts of Transhumanism.
The application of philosophies and technologies towards intelligence increase / amplification and related.Technological human augmentation. We will implement any and all modern technologies in this effort. An Immediate example of a technology that can be implemented now are wearable computers with wireless Internet access. Transhumanism is concerned with investigation into the applications of social, technological and scientific means of overcoming physical human limitations.

Fully Autonomous spatially intelligent Robotics
that provide a new level of efficiencies replacing 
human teams and going place where humans dare not.

Specifically for the Angel INVESTORS
Xaox has a team of subject matter experts that provide a phase-one due dilligence.
We ANALYZE and perform internal, real world reconnaissance to uncover the facts about
your potential investment your behalf saving you time and money

Remote Monitoring Solutions that utilize a Wireless MESH last mile communications including an Advanced Neural Engine capable of learning while reporting